Chemical reactions don’t just happen—you have to make them happen. ChemCrafter lets you build your own lab to run fun and creative experiments. Use the Chem-o-convertor to measure energy released and gain points that unlock new experiments, equipment, and chemicals. Use your new supplies to craft more gases, liquids, and solids.

As your strategy guides you through experiments with water, acids, and salts, you’ll create surprising color changes, encounter fire and smoke, release various gases, and shatter equipment as your achievements earn you an impressive set of trophy-room badges.

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2015 Webby Awards

Mobile Sites and Apps
Family & Kids

2015 Communicator Awards

Award of Excellence: Mobile Apps/Education
Award of Excellence: Mobile Apps/Games

2014 W3 Award

Gold in Education
Silver in Games

2014 International Design Communications

Bronze Award in Best Young Audience Campaign

Amazing Features

Mix a multitude of chemicals

Drag and drop dozens of combinations of chemicals to create a wonderful variety of colorful and sometimes explosive reactions.

Build your very own lab

Multiple stages to swipe and navigate through while you collect and unlock many tools and chemicals. Earn credits through successful experiments to purchase new and exciting tools.

New faces and new challenges

Meet some new friends to help guide you through the world of chemical reactions. They’ll show you how to mix things up and create some surprisingly explosive reactions.